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  • You really helped me a lot. I have felt so much more momentum and inspiration in my business since.

    Natalie N., Career Coach
  • Thank you Kelly so much for this summit. After listening to the sessions I feel so much more aware of my options and how to access them, I feel validated and less alone. Divorce is a monumental change and the summit truly helped me feel better informed on what path I want to follow, the next steps I can take, how to get needed support through the process and what to look forward to on the other side of divorce. Many thanks.

    Emily D., Loving Life After Divorce Summit Attendee
  • The summit was very informative!

    Heather M.
  • I chose to work with Kelly because I was interested in a healthier lifestyle.  More importantly, I wanted to be able to sleep through the night. Kelly is compassionate and understanding while she offers tools, but not mandates to improve a variety of aspects of our lives.  She’s also there to offer perspective and wisdom when life happens. Since I started working with Kelly my sleep has improved, I’m trying new healthy recipes, and exercising more. I’m looking forward to continuing with my goals for a healthier life and I know Kelly is there to help when I need it.

    Barb B., Airline Pilot
  • I really enjoyed the summit!! Loved the pace of it and all the info from different people. Thanks for organizing it :)”

    Suzy B.
  • Kelly is a knowledgable and honest coach that truly wants to help you reach your goals.  Her thought leadership and online health and weight loss summit were amazing.  She brought on some of the best guests, and the VIP offering had so many educational offerings that I had no problem finding a number of things to help me with my health goals!  Thank you Kelly and stay awesome!

    Rick M.
  • Another successful webinar is in the books!… Each session is a treasure unto itself. I learn so much from each session that I can apply in my own life. I loved the feedback and interaction we had from our attendees. It’s really rewarding to see how much they enjoy and get from the content as well. So Kelly…THANK YOU!! Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge and expertise with us! We are so much better for it! Thank you for being awesome and just an all-around lovely human being. 🙂 Already looking forward to the next time we get together!

    Kunta E., Regional Business Development Manager, Vitu
  • I signed up for this program because I was struggling with putting my knowledge into practice. During our sessions together I realized that there are so many vehicles for toxins to enter our bodies and affect our lives. One thing I liked was the depth and complexity of the program. The trainings were complete, including the education, research/science, resources, product recommendations and tips to put it all into practice. I’m going to do the bonus Whole Foods cleanse again! Kelly helped me gain a much better understanding of the science behind toxic load and benefits of living clean. Overall, I found the experience fun, exciting and informative and I am better because I know how to put the information to better use in my life. Now I feel I am making truly informed decisions about my health. I lost weight, I feel great and have good sustained energy throughout the day and I’m even sleeping better.

    Kelly C., Construction Engineer 
  • I took Kelly’s summer session and it was phenomenal! I learned so much about the benefits of eating healthy, inflammatory foods, exercise, clean living and so much more! Kelly was always available to answer questions, easy to talk to, and she really made the program fun! I especially loved our weekly Zooms where we would discuss what we learned and ask questions. I highly recommend this program!!!

    Sheri W., Drummer for Whole Lotta Rosies & mom
  • “Thank you for all the information! I felt healthy all week! I loved the butter lettuce tacos… amazing!!!! I feel better! So happy that I still have stayed away from the processed foods. Yay! I loved all of the action steps. I also love that I can watch your Home Detox Masterclass. I love all the education!”

    Traci S., Mom of 2 teenage boys
  • I was impressed with Kelly’s holistic approach to wellness and weight management. She has worked with many women in my age group and was able to give me some great actionable tips on how to reach my goals. I have been wanting to work on my protein intake while reducing meat consumption and improving my overall fitness level. Kelly gave me great ideas on how I can incorporate small changes in my lifestyle to help. If anyone is looking for similar guidance, reach out to Kelly. She is awesome! Also she has a great podcast called the Clean Beauty Scene

    Leena R., CEO & Creator, Niru Beauty & mom
  • Working with Kelly to establish getting to the 16/8 Intermittent Fasting schedule was a pleasure, her approach is professional, she is knowledgeable on many topics from health, nutrition, vitamins, toxic free beauty and home living and I could tell right away that she has done many years of research to find the best natural products. I learned so much more and was given many helpful tips and held accountable on a regular basis but most of all this is not a fad diet, it is a lifestyle change that I wanted to make and Kelly made that transition easier with healthy eating and living advice and set realistic goals that are sustainable for life.

    Christine K., Mom of 2
  • “Kelly is so knowledgeable about safe products – whether for personal care or home cleaning or any other area of life where you’re exposed to chemicals. Swapping out products is easy when you have a good guide. “

    Linda K., Ultimate You Life & Health Coaching
  • You gave me hope in a real healthy way! I’m learning and you are so great to talk to and work with. I’m grateful to have someone like you in my life ❤️

    Gina C., Loan Officer, mom of 2
  • My daughter is turning 13 next week… and I decided a few months ago that it was finally time to lose the baby weight… haha! Also, my 15th wedding anniversary is in August so another great motivator to do so, right?! Sooooo, I wanted to share that I’ve lost almost 20 pounds so far working with my wellness coach, Kelly Bonanno. She’s amazing guys!

    Azar R., Esthetician & mom
  • I’m the one who needs to thank you. The information was fantastic and everyone really seemed to appreciate and enjoy it.

    Linda M., Vitu 
  • I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your talk during the wellness event on Friday! You are SUCH an amazing speaker!! Because of you, I went out and bought healthier deodorant and am committed to buying less-toxic household cleaners, lotion, and shampoo/conditioner next time I run out! I will DEFINITELY keep my ear to the ground for businesses that might be interested in a workshop!!

    Courtney L., Keller Williams 
  • I was feeling overwhelmed with the notion that I had to change all of my personal care items from toxic to green all at once to get a benefit until I attended a workshop of Kelly Bonanno. She gave a tip that really stuck with me… I finally had a light bulb go off in my head about what I could do.  And now it is easy to make a change, step by step.

    Katie C., Esq., Ventura County Divorce & Mediation
  • Kelly, thank you so so much for today! You were amazing and gave us all so much great information. My Aunt Diane just texted me that she ordered some 100% Pure products and that she is noticing a lot of her products have “fragrance” and other toxins. Today couldn’t have been more perfect. I’ve received so much positive response from the event. I truly can’t thank you enough!

    Cassy N., mom of 2
  • I was struggling with allergic reactions on my skin caused by something in the products I was using. During the course, I learned how toxic everyday cosmetics and cleaning products can be. One thing that I liked was learning specifically which products I was using that could be causing my skin rashes. Overall, I found the experience very educational and helpful. It raised my awareness of products that I should avoid. I am better because I was able to use alternative products that Kelly recommended, thus avoiding the products that were causing the skin rash. Now I feel great and my skin has cleared up. I no longer have to rely on harmful steroid prescription ointments to relieve the skin rashes. Kelly, thank you so much for solving this aggravating problem with your knowledge of the harmful ingredients in everyday cosmetics and household cleaning products!

    Tracy D., Founder, Tracy Naturals
  • Kelly’s course should be on the ‘must do’ list for anyone looking for a place to begin their journey to wellness by adopting a non-toxic lifestyle. I came into the course with a fair amount of knowledge about a toxin free lifestyle, but this course took me to a new level of understanding and awareness about the issue in all areas of my life. Kelly’s passion is real, her delivery is upbeat, and the information she imparts can be life changing. Not only does ‘The Savvy Girl’s Guide To Organic Beauty’ provide valuable information on the bad stuff, it provides an impressive list of alternative product choices to help you get a quick start on going non-toxic! Kelly has done the work for you and will even offer you concierge service to help you create a plan to eliminate the unsafe chemicals from your home. Do yourself and your loved ones a favor and sign up for this course!

    Tamra G., CEO, College Audition Mentors
  • I signed up for the course to educate myself on how to make smarter choices about the products I use on myself and my family. Prior to taking the class, I was frustrated with all of the misleading information out there. There are many products I was using that claimed they were ‘clean’ when in fact they were green washed. The class taught me how to outsmart this type of marketing and purchase safer products by providing me with an understanding of the specific chemicals to avoid. I can now look at the back of a label and recognize these harmful chemicals. As a registered nurse, I found value in her application of the endocrine system because it emphasized just how these chemicals can be dangerous to our bodies. Kelly helped me gain a much better understanding of clean products, how to protect myself and my family, and inspired me to spread the word. Overall, I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to create a healthier lifestyle. Since taking it, I have switched over many products I was using and now feel so much better about putting them on my kids knowing they are clean.

    Shannon E., Pediatric ICU Nurse & mom of 2
  • I signed up for this course because I was struggling with knowing which products were truly pure and organic. Kelly taught me which ingredients to avoid and why. I feel so empowered now!

    Marianna S., Mom of 4
  • Even if you think you are a well-informed, up to date or a life long health and wellness zealot you will learn something new and informative from Kelly Bonanno’s program. This is an eye-opening course exploring and breaking down the safest and most toxic products, ingredients, formulas and chemicals found in the everyday products. Kelly cuts to the chase and takes the confusion out of our beauty, household and health related consumer products in a clear, concise manner. I guarantee you will learn something you didn’t know before. Your body, mind and spirit will thank you for it.

    Eva S., Creative Director/Writer/Producer